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The Habich GmbH has been founded in 1846 by Hermann Martin Habich as "Chemische Farbenfabrik H.M. Habich AG". Today it is still a private company owned by descendants of the founder.

At its beginning the company produced earth colours and blends of inorganic and organic colour pigments. The products were mainly sold in the countries of the Habsburg Empire and in the Balkan Area. In 1921 the company moved to Weitenegg.

After the Second World War the company were managed  by the Russian occupation forces for ten years. In 1955 it was returned to the owners and the production of Chrome Yellow, Molybdate Orange and Ultramarine Blue pigments was restarted. At the same time the company developed chrome-based anti-corrosive pigments for the steel industry.

This range of products was extended by phosphate-based anti-corrosive pigments in the 1970s (Zinc Phosphate, Chrome(III) Phosphate, etc). In order to offer products with improved anti-corrosive properties, enhanced non-toxic anti-corrosive pigments have been placed on the market recently. The anti-corrosive pigments are sold under the brand name Habicor®.

As the market is looking for non-toxic alternatives to Chrome Yellow and Molybdate Orange, Habich GmbH recently introduced Bismuth Vanadate and modified Bismuth Vanadate pigments. The modified Bismuth Vanadates are especially designed to offer one for one replacement for the coatings and plastic industry.


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